Why ClienTell?

Contractors have labored for years in an industry where “the customer is always right, or else”. ClienTell is here to level the playing field.

Know Who You Are Working For

The ClienTell app lets users search for real reviews of potential clients left by other contractors. Search public lien records, all in one place!

Find Sub-Contractors Like Never Before

ClienTell has built a platform for contractors to find each other, then distinguish between an “Asset” and a “Liability” through profile!

Quick & Easy For Contractors

ClienTell is designed to make it fast & easy for contractors to learn about their clients before they take them  on, right on their phones.

ClienTell Features

ClienTell gives you real customer transparency for the first time with our unique customer reviews and lien lookup. Even grow your business with the contractor networking tool!

Ability to Search

The ability to search for reviews and lien records of potential clients.

Built for Contractors by Contractors

Every review is made by a contractor like you.

Ability to Connect

The ability to network with other contractors.

Mobile First

All the information you need right in the palm of your hand for an industry on the go.

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ClienTell Changes the Game

If you’re a contractor this story might seem all too familiar. You meet with a new client and everything seems great, but once the job begins everything changes. The client hovers over you while you work, changes their mind halfway through the job, or asks you to compromise over and over again. What do you do? If you walk away they can hurt your business with negative reviews online. If you stay you might end up losing money on the job. Do you wish you knew what you were getting into before you took the job? If you stay, would you warn the next contractor to stay away? Now you can with the ClienTell Mobile App!

How It Works

The user (a contractor) Rates their client 1-5 Stars. With a review based on a simple “thumbs up/thumbs down” metric for
  • Payment

    (Did the client pay on time?)

  • Character

    (Was the client nice to work for?)

  • Repeat

    (Have you or would you work them again?)

Register here, then download the app.

About Us

ClienTell, LLC is the company behind the ClienTell mobile app.

ClienTell was founded by three Veterans with over 25 years of experience in the skilled trades. We are seeking to build a nationwide community of contractors who can share, rate and view reviews of customers.


In order to build the community, we are making memberships…

Free for a limited time!

Take Back Control Of Your Business

ClienTell is helping contractors save Time and Money by creating a network of shared reviews by contractors just like you, paired with a first of its kind lien lookup tool. You can finally take back control of your business.

Register here, then download the app.

Customer Reviews

What people are saying
Darrel Jones

Darrel Jones

Nice app, the review system is cool and I use the lien lookup system everyday!

Mark Dudek

Mark Dudek

Awesome app!! Great for business, makes bidding jobs easier which results in better jobs, and more money.

Carlos Olvera

Carlos Olvera

Makes running a business easy. Thanks!

Ally Gilbert

Ally Gilbert

cool app for business owners

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